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Woman's Page


Presbyterian Women

     The formal name of our PW is “The Presbyterian Women in the Congregation”.  Most women who are members of First Presbyterian Church do not realize that they automatically become a member of PW as soon as they become a member of church.  There is no formal induction, no dues, or secret handshake involved. Our Presbyterian Women are part of the “Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of WNY” and “Presbyterian Women of the Presbyterian Church (USA)”. 

The Story of the Mini-Boutique & Thrift Shop

     Once upon a time, a group of our women had an idea.  They thought they would like to use their talents to make gifts and favors for hospitals, nursing homes and their church.  Also, to sell their hand crafts, good used clothing and household items in a little shop that would be open to the public.  The receipts from this would be used for the purpose of buying special things for their church.

     Therefore, on Wednesday, October 4, 1972, Circle II opened “The Mini-Shop” on the stage of Fellowship Hall.  They hoped to make about $25.00, but that first day they tallied $65.00.  They were so encouraged; they decided to make it “First – Wednesday – Monthly” project  for  their Circle.  On other Wednesdays and in their homes, they held workshops for creating special items for the monthly sales.  With these handcrafted gifts along with clothing and household items contributed by other church members and friends, this venture grew and grew, and GREW!  It grew so much, that the trustees gave permission for Circle II to use the two kitchens and part of the Church School basement.

     After much restoration and redecorating with the help of the Circle II male auxiliary, (AKA) husbands and other men of the church, the old “pie-kitchen” was transformed into a permanent Mini-Boutique.  The old “cooking-kitchen” gradually took on a bright new look, the Thrift Shop acquired more needed space, and soon a lunch was served and the public loved it.

     Just before Christmas, Circle II will meet and prayerfully decide where to donate the monies earned from the six sales held each year. Over the years our Church has benefited from our success with many small and large projects supported or paid for with our gratitude

      Each Wednesday, you will find the Circle II area a busy, noisy and happy place where our members sort and fold and laugh. Although we have lost some of our original members (and we still miss them), we have added many new members (and we are very blessed).  Not only has this effort been successful in a monetary way, but most rewarding of all, has been the friendship within our Circle, our Church, but most of all in our Community. The sales that take place on first Wednesday of April, May, June, September, October and the third Wednesday of November (our famous Christmas Sale).

     We invite everyone to come and join on a “Sale” day or all women are welcome to join Circle II to serve God, work, laugh, and drink coffee.




With sad hearts and after almost 50 years, we will no longer have Sales and Luncheons.  We thank each and everyone for

attending and because of that we were able to donate to many organizations.  

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