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Mission Statement


BOARD OF DEACONS                        


Deacons support people, and especially their church family, by providing comfort and relief through God’s love in action.

The Deacons will demonstrate this love by:

  1. Working with the Session Team to visit people in hospitals, nursing homes, and individual homes.  They will assist in the delivery of flowers and special holiday remembrances, i.e., Easter flowers, Thanksgiving baskets, etc.  They will also assist with bringing “homebound” communion to those who request it.

  2. Acknowledging and sending cards to those experiencing the seasons of life, i.e., birth, death, illness, marriage, special birthdays, etc.

  3. Collecting “Food for the Hungry” each third Sunday of the month and delivering it to the North Tonawanda Inter-City Food Pantry.

  4. After prayerful consideration, maintaining and distributing money to those people or groups that are in need.

  5. Offering to host a reception after a funeral or memorial service.

  6. Proving a fellowship hour, with light refreshments, immediately following the worship service.

The Deacons invite members of the church family to assist in these endeavors as their gifts/talents dictate.

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