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Faith Formation Opportunities for All Ages


Faith is a journey.

It is an ongoing adventure where we learn as we go. Like a journey, my relationship with God is both the destination, and every place I arrive along the way. So, the longer I travel, the more I will understand about God and God’s ways.


We believe that Jesus Christ is the way that I begin, pursue, and grow in my relationship with God. Jesus meets me wherever I am, and invites me to change the direction of my life (repent) receive His gift of spiritual rebirth, and follow His teachings and way of life. This is what it means to trust in Jesus as savior and lord.


Confirmation, for those who were baptized as children, is the opportunity to make the faith in which one was raised, my own. For those who are considering it as adults, it is the intentional beginning of my own personal faith profession. (That will include the celebration of baptism as an adult)


Confirmation is the pathway for helping me to begin my own journey of faith in God and Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is a time for learning whatever I need to know about faith, for myself. It is a time to wrestle with any doubts or misconceptions I have until I am ready to profess my faith, become part of Christ’s body, the church, and participate in God’s work in the world, with my gifts and service.


Confirmation classes for teens, and small group meetings can be arranged at convenient times and places. Please contact the church office for further information.





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