Because God's
love is for all

Everyone is always welcome.
We pray that God may bless you with
peace, inspiration, and strength. We are a community, seeking to learn what it means
to follow Jesus. No matter what you may
be going through no matter where
you may be on your faith journey,

you are most welcome here!

Looking for a new church home?


Live Worship Steaming available and Service in Church
at 10:00AM Sundays!!!
It will be streamed on Facebook Live on our Facebook page
 Upcoming Highlights  
Sunday, July 3 at 10:00am:  Rev. Pierre Albrecht-Carrie' will share his gifts with
us for worship.


1.  A couple of the Sunday School rooms could really use some wall patching and painting.  It sure would be nice to get this work accomplished over the summer before church school begins in September.  I know Brian has offered to help patch the areas in need of that work and Kelsey has offered to help paint.  We could use some extra help to get this work accomplished so if you have some time, please contact Tom Dugan to let him know you would like to help out.

2.  Thank you to all who have donated their time and talent to make the soap bags for Hearts for the Homeless.  A delivery was made this week of 105 soap bags.  Keep knitting and crocheting those little bags, they are much appreciated.


3.  Do you have any talents or hobbies that you would like to share with the church?  The display case in the Narthex is waiting for your collection to be displayed.  If you would like to put something in the case, please contact the office. 




If you have a prayer request, please contact Janet Haacker at 716-694-4290.

The prayer requests that have been received in May will continue, but the others will be dropped until we hear an update from you. Thank you. 

  • Prayers for healing for the families, loved ones, and anyone involved in the Buffalo shooting

  • Prayers for healing for the families and loved ones involved in the Uvalde school shooting

  • Prayers for Rose for continued healing

  • Prayers for Ina Charsley for continued healing and recovery from her total knee replacement

  • Prayers for Jessica Schurr for continued healing

  • Prayers for Gerald Owczazcak for continued healing after back surgery; he is at home now

  • Prayers for Tom Anthony for testing and treatment 

  • Prayers for Marlene Tyrrell, still recuperating after a bad fall  

  • Prayers for continued healing for Shirley Hagle

  • Prayers for healing for Linda Apple who has issues with back pain. 

  • Prayers for  recovery for Bill & Janet Bearfield and Tanner

  • Continued prayers for Pam M. and Pam L.  in their struggles with cancer

  • Prayers for all those who struggle, grieve, or are feeling displaced

  • Continuing prayers for all first responders, police officers, and medical personnel

  • Prayers for peace and refuge for Ukraine, and for all refugees

  • Prayers of healing for all victims of violence and their loved ones

List of Officers


            Class of 2023                                                         Class of 2024                                                Class of 2025

             Diane Charsley                                                      Betsy Crocker                                                 Tom Dugan

            Patricia Loeswick                                                   William Welch, IV                                           Nancy Rolando





            Class of 2023                                                          Class of 2024

            Jane Crossan, Moderator                                       Alvin Marohn

            Donna Blinston                                                       Mike Donovan

            Leslie Dugan                                                            Marlene Tyrrell



  - Tom Dugan 


Church Parking Lot

Please, if you are able to walk, we would appreciate if you would park on the surrounding streets near the church
and leave the spaces in our parking lot for our folks who need them most.  Thanks very much.  
Hunger Sunday:   
Don't forget that the third Sunday of the month is Hunger Sunday.  Food and cash donations are welcome
and proceeds are donated to the Twin Cities Community Outreach.  Any food items may be dropped off at Donna and Bruce Blinston's front porch at 25 Elmwood Park West.  Thank you for your continued support.  

Deacons Tonawanda School Mission Project

The Deacons are continuing to partner with the the Tonawanda Elementary Schools to provide much needed clothing items to needy children.  This is an ongoing mission project and the Deacons would like to thank the people who have donated so generously.  The schools have expressed an urgent need for underwear in the 
following sizes:  Boys and Girls underwear size 6 and size 8 at one school and Boys underwear sizes 6-8, 
10-12, and 14-16 at a second school.  Either a monetary donation or clothing donation is acceptable.   See Jane Crossan or Leslie Dugan for more details on how you can donate and what items are needed.  There is also a designated tote in the Narthex to place your donations.